lunedì, luglio 25, 2005

La polizia ha sparato, per uccidere, otto volte!

Il giovane elettricista brasiliano, Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, che viveva a Londra da più di 3 anni, è stato colpito sette volte alla testa e una alla spalla.
Il cugino della vittima, Alex Pereira, ha dichiarato che la polizia deve pagare, altrimenti potrà uccidere migliaia di altre persone:
"They just kill the first person they see, that's what they did. They killed my cousin, they could kill anyone."

On Friday morning, Mr Menezes had left his flat in Tulse Hill and boarded a bus towards Stockwell Tube station to go to work. He had been followed by police, who had his block of flats under surveillance in the hunt for the group behind Thursday's attempted bombings.
When he was challenged by police in the Tube station, he fled, reportedly leaping the ticket barrier. Over the past year there have been an increased number of immigration checks at Tube stations - a policy widely reported in Brazilian papers in London.
Police chased him on to a Tube train where he was shot dead.

In Brazil, relatives are demanding answers to why Mr Menezes ran and why he was shot by police. Cousin Maria do Socorro, speaking before details about the visa emerged, said she thought the police had acted "like amateurs". She told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "If you are going to have a war on terror, you have got to use brains to fight it not just brute force."
Friends of Mr Menezes in London said he had recently returned to Brazil for eight months to be with his father, who was being treated for cancer. Fausto Soares, 26, said Mr Menezes had been sending money to pay for the treatment and was concerned how the family would now cope financially.
BBC home affairs correspondent Danny Shaw said the type of visa Mr Menezes had been given would normally be valid for one-and-a-half to two years.
He said Mr Menezes had not renewed the visa, adding: "That wouldn't explain why he was shot, but it might provide an explanation as to why he ran away if - that is indeed what he did do." bbc news

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